Grandmaster Don Wortman giving instructions prior to belt test at Kukkido Martial Arts Studio - Redondo Beach
Hoshinsul seminar at Kukkido Martial Arts Studio - Torrance
Grandmaster Don instructing Hapkido Class at Kukkido Martial Arts Studio - Torrance
Instructor Scooter instructing student
Cardio Kickboxing at Kukkido Martial Arts Studio - Torrance
Taekwondo demonstration at Birney Elementary
Grandmaster Don instructing Hapkido Class at Kukkido Martial Arts Studio - Torrance

Classes at Kukkido

Kukkido Martial Arts offers a wide variety of classes to meet our students individual needs, here is what we are offering:


A complete martial arts program that teaches how to develop Self-Control, Discipline and Respect. Self-Confidence is the key to having a successful life and does not come naturally for many and often has to be developed over a period of time. As students accomplish new goals, their confidence level increases as well as their self-esteem. Learning Taekwondo is by far the most importanct part of learning how to defend yourself in a safe healthy environment.

Korean Hoshinsul

Hoshinsul is a form of martial arts that has its origins in Korea. Its style is based on Karate, Aikido and Judo. The teachings of Hoshinsul are meant to use martial arts not as a means of purposely inflicting injury, but rather as a form of self-defense. Because Hoshinsul is more about self-defense, it is known as a soft form of martial arts.

Hoshinsul contains both long and close range fighting techniques, utilizing kicks and hand strikes at longer ranges and pressure point strikes, joint locks, or throws at closer fighting distances. Hoshinsul emphasizes circular motion, non-resisting movements, and control of the opponent. Practitioners seek to gain advantage through footwork and body positioning to employ leverage, avoiding the use of strength against strength.

Kick-it Cardio Kickboxing

Are you bored with your aerobics class and looking for a high-intensity workout that will increase your strength and flexibility while burning fat? Cardio Kickboxing is high energy, explosive, exciting and motivating. It's the non-contact kickboxing workout that blends elements of boxing, martial arts and traditional aerobics into a 30 to 60 minute exercise.

Visayan Legacy - Filipino Martial Arts

The Filipino Martial Arts training combines the use of single stick, double stick and stick and knife training methods, as well as low line kicking, the efficient use of elbows and knees, locking, nerve hitting and empty hand against weapon training.

Shaolin Temple Kung Fu

Kung Fu Martial Arts techniques are divided into four areas: striking, kicking, grappling and throwing, and seizing and locking the joints. Every type of Chinese Kung Fu contains techniques from each of these four areas. This is important because each category of techniques is effective against one or more of the other categories. A Chinese martial artists, therefore, can deal with every type of attack and defend himself effectively.

Fusion Yoga

Our style of Yoga works to develop the inner spirit while teaching how to reach a mind and body balance. The techniques are used in Hatha Yoga and attempts to balance the mind and body via the physical postures or "asanas", purification practices, controlled breathing, and the calming of the mind through relaxation and meditation.

This class will teach you the foundation of yoga in a safe, light-hearted environment to promote self-awareness. We will laugh, strengthen, breathe, and stretch. A great class for those new to yoga and those with no experience.

Zendo Ryu - Karate Okinawa

Shorinji Zendo-ryu Karate is an ancient system that traces its history directly back to the Shaolin Temple. However, because of the open-minded philosophy, it also has kept up-to-date with the scientific developments and techniques of newer styles over the centuries.

The techniques of our system go back 2000 years to China and India when they were secret fighting techniques reserved only ofr royal families amd elite warriors. Punches and kicks plus ground fighting were added from the original Shaolin Kempo. All your present knowledge of hand & foot fighting will be useful added to the throws, holds, join locks, and cho king.