April 2013

10th Degree Black Belt

                                                        Founder of                                                            Bindu Martial Arts

Grandmaster Sherman is a former Navy SEAL with over 50 years of training and experience to share about this elusive and misunderstood art. Master Sherman has designed a seminar format comprised of lecture, Q&A and practical application. This presentation is designed for martial artists, people who are curious about the martial arts and those who don’t embrace the martial art lifestyle but wish to understand what the martial arts is truly about. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain valuable insight and what it takes to form the mindset needed to survive in the face of adversity presented in today’s unpredictable society.

Interested in Upcoming Seminars: Email Binduway@hotmail.com

Interested in Upcoming Seminars: Email Binduway@hotmail.com

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* One Month of Free Jiu Jitsu Classes for New Students Only. Reserve Now before special is over. Email Binduway@hotmail.com or Call 310.455.6049