6/1/2013 Luke L. – Redondo Beach, CA

Combat jiu jitsu has taught me a great deal about my life. I have learned how to better defend myself on the streets and how to live my life as a more self-controlled and self disciplined individual. Combat jujitsu has revealed so many new things to me and I can now be more confident and be better suited for combat situations when they arise.  The Sensei is highly experienced and works very well with the pupils. It is a very tough class both physically and mentally but the hard work pays off at the end. The effort and conviction that we put in is rewarded at the end. The environment is very serious and disciplined and I would recommend this class only to those who are ready to learn how to truly defend themselves in real life scenarios and how to discover more about their own souls.

5/23/2013   Mark N. – Orange, CA

I have been a student of the academy for a little over a year.  In the short time I have been involved in the training I got back into the shape of my life, have lots of stamina and confidence. I have studied other martial arts such as Shotokan and Judo, however: had not experienced the intensity as with the Jujitsu training I received from the fine instructors at Kukkido. The instructor(s) are knowledgeable in their field based on their combined years of experience (40+) and as such bring different styles and techniques to the table to learn from, adapt to, or defend against.  They have a strong love for the art and are extremely knowledgeable of the history as the style has been handed down over the years.  If you want the martial arts experience that will change your life for the better; both mentally and physically, this is the dojo for you.

5/18/2013  M.M. – Los Angeles, CA

Initially, I was looking for martial arts training that would provide for means to get back in shape, be physically challenging, and most importantly to feel confident in real world application so as to defend myself and my family.   I have had previous experience with martial arts i.e. Kempo, Shotokan, and Muay Thai, but had not practiced anything for over 10 years. I was fortunate enough to train with the Combat Jujitsu Instructor, who not only exceeded the aforementioned criteria, but introduced me to a deeper knowledge of the art that has been passed down through the generations.  His love of the art, patience as an instructor, and detailed instruction are unparalleled. I learned more in a year and half training with the Combat Jujitsu Instructor that I had with years of other training by other instructors.  I look forward to continued instruction.

5/18/2013  Jennifer P. – Redondo Beach, CA

The Jiu Jitsu class has taught me a lot in real life situations.  Since I’m a woman it’s very important for me to protect my child and myself.  Jiu Jitsu Master demonstrates many techniques that I can use in everyday situations.  Plus the beginning workout has been great to lose some of the excess baby weight.  I’m sore after class and pretty sweaty from a good workout.  I especially like to demonstrate what we learned with the other people in class so I can see how it would relate to someone tall or short.

5/9/2013  Seth B. – Hermosa Beach, CA

My 12yr son was enrolled in the Jiujitsu class for about 18 months. The class helped him develop a better sense of discipline and respect. Unfortunately my son decided to quit (typical adolescent) but I was so impressed with the instructor that I joined the class as well.

The younger kids classes look really fun too. The instructors discuss safety and awareness to help the kids stay safe while also teaching them the martial arts. At least one of the instructors is a school teacher too. Really good with kids.

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