Taekwondo in korean lettering

Korean Terms

Tae Kwon Do is the national art of Korea, therefore the Korean language, or Hangul, is spoken. The following is a list of Korean terms commonly used in training:

  • Com Sa Nida - Thank You
  • Jung Shin Tong IL - Meditation
  • Kuk Kinae Kyung Nae - Bow Toward The Flag
  • Do Jahng - Martial Arts School
  • Do Bok - Martial Arts Uniform
  • Kwon Jahng Nim - Master Instructor
  • Sah Ba Nim - Instructor (respectful)
  • Chah Ryo - Attention
  • Joon Bi - Ready
  • Kyung Na - Bow Salute
  • Shee Jahk - Start, Go Ahead